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Grits are a corn-based food that is often associated with the American South, but people from all over the country are likely to order up some grits for breakfast, brunch or lunch. This is why it’s always a good idea to have plenty on hand for those who love them. Grits are infused with natural calcium, potassium and vitamin A, among other micronutrients, making them an essential part of a healthy, hearty meal. Because of their versatility, we carry regular, quick cooking and instant varieties.

Great Tasting Instant Grits

Before the invention of instant grits, cooks had to mind the pot of grits cooking over the stove to ensure that they came out just right. Since other things are always going on in a busy restaurant kitchen, the longer they had to cook, the greater risk of overcooked or undercooked grits. With the instant variety, grits can be cooked in the microwave, and they come out looking and tasting oh so good. For another fast option, take a look at the varieties of quick grits we feature. These can be stovetop cooked in about five minutes.

Choose Grits in a Box or Other Container

We’ve got the grits you need for your foodservice operation, including Quaker grits and yellow grits. While browsing, you can decide on the style of packaging you desire. You can choose grits packaged in the classic tube, or buy boxes filled with loose grits or individual serving size variety packs. Hungry for more? We have grits packed in sturdy bags for restaurant use, and those serving size cups that customers can microwave themselves.

Save With Bulk Grits for Sale

Why buy grits in bulk from Round Eye Supply? We offer grits at bulk wholesale pricing that can greatly help to make sure that your food supply budget is under control. Due to our large, nationwide base of foodservice industry customers, we can keep our costs affordable, ensuring that you can order as much as you need whenever you need to restock.
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