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Pancake Mixes

Pancakes are one of the most popular items on any restaurant breakfast menu. That means your establishment probably goes through a lot of pancake batter. Let us help you keep your kitchen stocked up on ample supplies of bulk dry pancake mix with our great selection of popular mixes. This is where you can order the kind of quantities of pancake mix needed to make bulk quantities of pancake batter when necessary. Flapjacks, as they are also known, are a breakfast comfort food that requires the right type of flour and other dry ingredients for achieving the perfect flavor and texture. You can find an instant pancake batter mix allows kitchen staff to skip several steps of prep time. While here, pick up supplies of maple syrup.

Classic Pancake Mixes

When most people come to you looking for a pancake breakfast, they want the same kind of pancakes they associate with home cooking. You can deliver their ideal home away from home pancakes by stocking up on any of our quality classic pancake mix varieties. These mixes contain everything you need to whip up batch after batch of delicious golden buttermilk pancakes. Order the 5-pound bag, or larger bags, depending on the kitchen’s requirements.

Buckwheat and Whole Grain Varieties

Some customers want healthier pancakes, and you can give them exactly what they want by ordering our buckwheat or whole-wheat grain pancake mixes. These contain hearty flours that are processed less than standard pancake mixes. The flavor and color of these pancakes are just as delicious, and you can earn kudos for offering healthier options.

Specialty Pancake Mixes

Some of our mixes cater to customers who may not be able to enjoy pancakes made from wheat flour. In this case, you can feel good that there are tasty alternatives for these customers. We offer gluten free pancake mixes and those made from potatoes.
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