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Canned Seafood

Bulk Tuna Cans and Pouches

Serve your customers healthy seafood dishes with the products featured in this wholesale foods collection. There is enough seafood variety here for planning all sorts of seafood entrees and side dishes. Canned seafood is packed with nutrients, and each type offers its own distinctive flavor profile. Browse to find your recipe favorites such as tuna, salmon, clams and shrimp. We also feature sardines and other canned fish that can add depth of flavor to your dish. Canned seafood goes well with an array of canned vegetables, rice, and pasta, making it easy to diversify your menu.
Preserving tuna fish in a can is one of the best things that ever happened to the food industry because canned tuna is popular with both chefs and restaurant patrons. Tuna can be featured on a menu in any number of ways, and tuna sandwiches and subs are always a big hit. So, when you’re ready to place an order for bulk tuna, you can be sure that we have plenty available for making sandwiches and other favorites such as tuna salad and tuna casserole. In addition to the canned versions, you can also find tuna packaged in convenient pouches.

Bulk Wholesale Canned Sardines and Salmon

Canned sardines are very economical, especially when ordering them in bulk. If you’re wondering how to put them to good use, consider adding them to a salad, making them a pizza topping, pairing them with fresh avocado or combining them with a pasta dish. Salmon is another type of fish that people enjoy ordering. Use a case of canned salmon to make salmon cakes, salmon-infused salads, salmon with scrambled eggs and other tasty meals.

Other Kinds of Canned Seafood

Other types of canned seafood in this collection can make it easy to add new regular dishes and specialties to your menu. Consider purchasing bulk supplies of clams, oysters, anchovies and mackerel.
Tuna Chunk Light in Oil - 5 Oz. DE492029
Chicken Of The Sea 24/5 oz.
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