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Whole Grain Pasta

Whole Grain Pasta & Noodles

Healthy whole grain pasta comes in many forms, and we're happy to offer you whole grain spaghetti, whole grain lasagna noodles, whole grain penne, whole grain egg noodles and more. Whether you're interested in whole grain Barilla wavy lasagna noodles or Heartland Rotini, lasagna or elbows, you have access to large, wholesale amounts here at low, discount prices. Choose Dakota Growers for 51% whole grain pasta noodles (Penne or Rotini), sold in 20 pound containers. Dakota Growers 51% wide whole grain noodles (egg noodles) come packed in 5 pound containers, two containers per case.

You can't go wrong with our wide selection of whole grain pasta products. Whole grains contain fiber and are a richer source of vitamins and minerals, while refined grains have had the fiber-rich and nutritious bran and germ processed out. You'll find all our pastas healthy, fresh and delicious!

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