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Food Bases

Food Base & Stock Concentrate

Soups, stews, sauces and marinades ñ there are so many uses for stock concentrate. At Round Eye Supply, we know how important food bases are for our restaurant and cafeteria customers. Thatís why we supply a wide variety of meat, seafood, and vegetable bases so your chefs can whip up a delicious dish in a snap. Our wide selection carries any type of food base you may need, including beef and chicken stock concentrate, beef and chicken bouillon, and au jus, as well as various vegetable bases for vegan and vegetarian dishes. We offer health-minded options such as Pacific Foods all-natural free-range chicken broth, old school favorites such as Campbellís beef broth, and restaurant staples like Custom Culinary Chefís Own bases. Whatever you may need, making hearty meals has never been easier or cheaper with our bulk ordering.

With the versatility and necessity of food bases and broths, itís difficult to find a resource where you can get exactly what you need in a large enough quantity at an affordable price. Thatís where Round Eye Supply comes in. We provide a wide selection of wholesale options at competitive prices. Browse through our choices and place your order today.
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