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Whole Grain Baking

Whole Grain Baked Goods Mixes

Whole grain baked goods have that certain something that says healthier treats, and we've got some quality whole grain flours and mixes to satisfy your baking needs. General Mills Gold Medal is very well-known in the marketplace and a consumer favorite. We offer two popular Gold Medal items 100% whole grain muffin mix and 100% whole grain pancake mix both packaged in 5 lb. boxes, six boxes per case. Try Conestoga whole grain brownie mix for making some fantastic whole grain brownies, and buy at wholesale prices, six 5.75-lb boxes per case.

Bob's Red Mill, employee-owned and in business for four decades in Milwaukie, Oregon, is known for its ultra-high quality food products, and we've got a great lineup for whole grain baking. Pioneer (CH Guenther) also offers some great whole grain cornbread and muffin mixes.

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