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Jalapenos for Food Service & Restaurants – Bulk Wholesale - Various

Preparing great-tasting Mexican and Tex-Mex food requires all the best ingredients and jalapeno peppers is certainly high on that list of essentials. These little green peppers are a staple ingredient for all sorts of savory Mexican style dishes and the need for them is ongoing when you have recipes that call for their use. When the time comes to replenish your supply, you can count on us to offer the tastiest jalapenos at bulk wholesale.

Quality Bulk Jalapeno Peppers

When preparing Mexican inspired meals for restaurant customers, it’s essential to ensue every part of that meal is fresh, uniformly presented and flavorful. The best way to ensure success with jalapeno peppers is to order them from us in bulk. We feature the top brands producing and packaging these popular peppers for food preparation and service. We know which brands are known for offering quality jalapenos and they are featured here at our always competitive wholesale pricing.

Pickled Jalapenos Brands

Does your kitchen staff prefer using pickled jalapenos? This usually means that they want processed jalapenos that come in jugs or jars, similar to how dill and sweet pickles are packaged. The jalapenos are packed in liquid to help keep them fresh, plump and ready to use. Depending on the brand you select, the preserving liquid may be salt water alone or salt water with vinegar or minimal spices. Since, packaged jalapenos are often further processed by chefs and cooks, the type of liquid they come in may not matter much.

Variety of Jalapenos for Mexican Food and More

Jalapeno peppers for restaurants come in four popular varieties: sliced or nacho sliced, julienne sliced, diced and whole. The nacho sliced peppers are often used as is to add more flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Some favorites include tacos, nacho cheese covered tortilla chips, Mexican style scrambled eggs, queso dip, soups, quesadillas and pizza. Julienne sliced jalapenos can be used for salads, subs, wraps and Mexican rice dishes. Diced and whole jalapenos have countless uses, including Southwestern style cornbread, jalapeno poppers and burgers.
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