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Taco Shells

Mexican Taco Shells

Bulk taco shells from Round Eye Supply can spice up your menu while saving you money. Fill your restaurant shelves or home pantry with a little crunchy fun when you purchase taco shells in bulk.

Why Choose Bulk Hard Taco Shells?

Tacos have become an incredibly popular food item. Whether they're traditional, innovative, meaty or meatless, these hand-held wonders are simple to make, endlessly versatile and almost universally appealing. Purchase taco shells in bulk to save time and money for your Mexican restaurant, school lunch program, community event or everyday meals at home. Choose brand names you trust, like Ortega and Old El Paso, for a shelf-life of 200-plus days and a satisfying crunch with every bite. Find all your taco ingredients at Round Eye Supply, including canned beans, seasonings, salsa and more, plus our best taco recipes for unique toppings your crew will love.

Wholesale Taco Shells for Any Budget

Browse our inventory to see where to buy bulk taco shells that suit your budget and storage capacity. We carry General Mills Pancho Villa regular 5-inch, jumbo 7-inch and flat tostado shells in 200-count cases. Find Mission Foods yellow or white 5-inch hard taco shells in 25-count boxes, packaged 8 boxes per case - a great choice for home pantries. Ortega makes some of the best taco shells, and we offer them in 12-count boxes, a dozen boxes per case. Choose extra-large Old El Paso Super Shells in a 200-count case for an impressive deal on wholesale taco shells that deliver lots of room for your chef's specialty or homemade tacos.

Why Is Round Eye Supply the Best Choice for You?

If you're looking to save money on groceries or stay within your foodservice company budget, Round Eye Supply is your go-to shopping destination. We carry over 60,000 items on one easy-to-use website, so you can get your bulk taco shells, cleaning supplies, kitchen tools, disposable food packaging and more without hopping from site to site. Plus, we work with shipping companies to make sure you're getting the best rates on the fastest, most reliable deliveries. Our friendly staff has decades of experience in the foodservice space, so they're happy to answer all your questions. Save time and money with Round Eye Supply.

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