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Condensed Milk

Evaporated & Sweetened Condensed Milk in Bulk Cases at Wholesale Prices

Sweetened condensed milk is an essential ingredient for creating delicious sweets, baked goods and desserts that make your customers want to sing your praises. Alternatively, evaporated milk is commonly used as a substitute for whole milk. Whether it is your intention to buy condensed milk in bulk or evaporated milk in bulk, please make sure that you are selecting the type of milk product you desire. For example, the excitement of ordering condensed milk at such a great wholesale price may cause you to mistakenly choose evaporated milk. Double checking your order can help you avoid this common mix up. Remember, condensed milk is sweetened to make it suitable for use in making everything from candy to cream pies. Evaporated milk is an unsweetened shelf-stable milk with most of its water content removed.

Trusted Brands of Condensed Milk

You can feel confident about your choice of milk product when shopping with us for condensed milk in bulk quantities because we only offer the best brands. This is where you can find trusted brands such as Carnation, PET, Magnolia and Nestle sweetened condensed milk. And instead of having to pay retail, you get to save on each case when purchasing at wholesale. That’s a win for your menu as well as your budget.

Condensed Milk Options

We give you several good options for sweetened condensed milk. Some chefs and cooks prefer certain brands while others have no particular preference. The differences among brands may be minor since all brands adhere to strict safety and processing standards. Some brands of condensed milk are widely known by most in the industry and others are regional favorites. Whatever brands you prefer, the quality is sure to be top-notch. Like condensed milk, evaporated milk may come in a can or an alternative container that keeps the milk shelf-stable for many months. This type of milk can be used in numerous recipes calling for regular milk or as a complement to coffee, tea or creamy soups.
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