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Disposable Bowls in Bulk

For decades, Styrofoam containers have been used by countless food service businesses for delivering tasty meals, desserts and snacks to a variety of clients and customers. Styrofoam is admired for its durability and practicality. It’s a material that is food safe and one that offers high performance for the busy food service environment. Styrofoam bowls have the added advantage of being a low cost container thanks to it being cheaper to produce than disposable bowls made from other materials. If you’re here looking to buy bulk quantities of quality Styrofoam bowls and/or Styrofoam soup cups, you’re at the right place! We offer just what you need at a great wholesale price, so stock up today and save. The Styrofoam bowl is versatile enough to use for all sorts of indoor and outdoor food service events. They are sturdy enough to be toted around and suitable for serving cold and hot dishes in all kinds of weather.

Cup Style Bowls for Smaller Portions

As you browse our collection of Styrofoam bowls, it’s a given that you are going to be thinking about what sizes you need. Various size options are available to make it easier for you to find sizes that best suit the contents you intend to put inside of them. Of course, content can also refer to how much of a food item you plan to serve per order. If that item is soup or chili, for instance, you may want to choose Styrofoam soup cups. These bowls often have taller sides that resemble a drinking cup and hold up to 8 ounces.

Traditional Bowl Shapes

Our selection of Styrofoam to go bowls also come in traditional bowl shapes. These feature wider sides like classic bowls. This type of bowl is a practical option for those times when you want to serve up tasty dishes without having to bother with collecting and washing bowls.
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