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Heavy-Duty Wholesale Paper Plates

You can skip the dishwashing at your next event thanks to bulk paper plates. They are a must for caterers, food courts, street carts, company cookouts and other situations that call for easy cleanup. Our disposable paper plates are biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates. At the same time, they’re strong enough to fill up without bending or tearing. We are one of the leading wholesale paper plates suppliers with a great selection at low prices. Round Eye Supply distributes brands, such as Dixie, AJM, Georgia Pacific and Huhtamaki, that make high-quality plates. Whether you need large lunch and dinner plates or smaller dessert plates and snack plates, we’ll help you stock up on heavyweight paper plates. They come in cases containing from 125 to 1,000 plates so you can customize your order.

Go Green with Bulk Paper Food Plates

How much do our paper plates cost? It depends on the plate. A basic uncoated paper plate is just a few cents per plate when you buy in bulk. Plates that are thicker or grease-resistant will cost more; however, the higher quality is worth it for supporting heavy, greasy meals. Our most expensive plates have a special coating that prevents liquids from soaking into the paper, making them the strongest plates available. We offer more than a half dozen sizes, including 6-inch paper plates, 9-inch pie plates and 10-inch grill plates. A three-compartment paper plate is perfect if you have foods that you don’t want mixed together. In addition to white paper plates in bulk, there are patterned plates to help brighten the mood. Call, email or use live chat to speak with an expert. We create a personalized shopping experience for everyone who counts on us to deliver high-quality plates. Orders over $1,700 ship free to help you save money.

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