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Cone Cups

Your search for a reliable online resource for water cooler cups made in the classic cone style is over. Likewise, if you’re in need of snow cone cups. Also, known as funnel cups, they are distinctly different from all other disposable cups due to their unique shape. We know that this makes them a bit more difficult to find in the large quantities you need. We’ve taken care of this by offering an assortment of cone shaped paper cups at our always low bulk wholesale pricing.

Water Cooler Cups

Taking a break from day-to-day activities to get a cool, refreshing drink of water at the water cooler is easier to do when you supply the paper water cooler cups. These are the classic cone-shaped cups that have always been associated with water coolers of all types and they remain a preferred cup for businesses and employees to this day. The cone fits comfortably in the hand, helping to avoid most accidental spills. It’s also lightweight and holds just enough water to feel refreshed. If more water is desired, the cup remains sturdy for a second or third drink.

Snow Cone Holders

Serve up icy cold snow cones to as many people as you like with supplies of white snow cone cups. Typically, constructed with a rim around the top, this cone cup is the same style you see snow cone vendors using at county fairs and other fun events. In this collection, snow cone cups are the same as a funnel cup or a rolled rim cup.

Variety of Sizes and Quantities

Whether you are purchasing funnel cups for the water cooler or to make snow cones, we offer them in several sizes and quantities. Cup sizes range from four ounces to 10 ounces. Be sure to consider cup use while making your size choice. You can also order these cups in various bulk quantities.
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