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Commercial Dinnerware and Flatware in Bulk

How many customers does your restaurant or cafÈ see during a shift? How fast do your dishwashers work? It's not a question about math or efficiency. Instead, as the owner or operator, you need to ensure you have sufficient dishware and flatware on hand to keep serving up meals, drinks and appetizers.

UD-7555 Base Platter Black DE674897
D & W Fine Pack 600/600 Ea.
Square Ramekin Mod - 2.5 in. DE681812
Front Of The House 24/1 Ea.
Square Mod Bowl - 3.5 in. DE681811
Front Of The House 12/1 Ea.
Ellipse Bowl - 8 in. DE682552
Front Of The House 6/1 Ea.
Harmony Bowl - 9 in. DE681885
Front Of The House 6/1 Ea.
Mod Triple Bowl DE681973
Front Of The House 6/1 Ea.
Molcajete Ramekins Black - 3 Oz. DE443059
Carlisle Foodservice 1/48 Ea.
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