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Plastic Food Baskets

Food baskets made of plastic and other materials are a simple solution for holding a variety of your favorite restaurant foods. You can use these convenient baskets for serving everything from fresh bread to sandwiches to tacos. Once you see how versatile they are, you may decide to use them to hold all sorts of foods. As a resource for thousands of restaurants and foodservice businesses, we provide you with a wide selection of food baskets in the styles that are most popular in the industry. All baskets feature sturdy construction and timeless designs that make them ideal for continued use in any type of foodservice environment.

Plastic Food Baskets at Wholesale

What could be better than finding supplies of restaurant plastic food baskets? Learning that you can purchase bulk quantities at a great wholesale price! We are a food industry leader when it comes to offering quality food baskets made of durable plastic. Because of this, we can offer you a variety of basket styles, including the ever-popular red oval food baskets. In case you want something a bit different, we also carry round red baskets, and black baskets in the round or oval shape as well.

Restaurant Metal and Vinyl Food Baskets

The classic wire metal basket still has its place among tabletop accessories, and if you want to create simple elegance with wire bread baskets, you can find them here. The modern styles are powder-coated for visual appeal and longevity. For a traditional presentation, place a kitchen cloth (or food wrap paper) inside of the basket first, and then place the bread or other food item inside. We also offer plastic woven baskets and decorative vinyl baskets.

Classic Hot Dog and Hamburger Baskets

Oval food baskets are the right shape for serving up orders of hot dogs, whether it be for indoor or outdoor dining. Using baskets does away with the problem of the dogs rolling off of a more standard plate. You can even serve two hot dogs at a time using larger baskets. Likewise, you can use rectangular plastic baskets for serving delicious hamburgers with all the fixings.
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