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Foam Food Containers Wholesale

Your patrons can savor meals long after they’re served thanks to food-grade bulk Styrofoam containers. Known as foam containers, the material in these cups and bowls is one of the best at insulating what’s inside. They keep hot food hot, so it still has the right flavor and texture — and they do the same for cold foods. Styrofoam is also very durable and doesn’t leak, bend or sag so food arrives at its destination intact. Use foam food storage containers to package takeout meals or send leftovers home safely. (Note that foam dishes are not microwaveable.)

Disposable Foam Meal Boxes

Both foods and beverages last longer and taste better when they’re stored in foam containers. Bulk Styrofoam cups work equally well for morning coffee and nighttime milkshakes. The 16-ounce insulated foam cup is the must common size, but they’re also available in smaller and larger sizes. A squat hot and cold foam container saves space on refrigerator shelves. There are small foam bowls for dips and sides, medium containers for soups and large containers to hold family-size portions. Add a durable lid to make your foam restaurant containers stackable.

Containers That Keep on Serving

Customers at your deli, coffee shop, Chinese restaurant or concession stand will love getting their food in foam takeout containers. They are also a great choice for company picnics, campgrounds, conferences and other times that call for fast cleanup. Some Styrofoam cups can be produced in multiple colors if you want something other than ordinary white. Hinged lid foam dinner containers are also available that can hold main courses and sides. Call or email the food service experts at Round Eye Supply for assistance. We’re a distributor of the world’s leading restaurant brands with affordable prices on large quantities.

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