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Aluminum Pans & Lids

Bulk Aluminum Foil Pans

Every restaurant from corner bakeries to banquet halls can do more with aluminum pans. They have many uses in the kitchen, serving as foil baking pans for roasted chicken, pastries and everything in between. You can also use disposable aluminum pans for serving food at a buffet, to package takeout orders or as a steam table. These pans can be thrown away when you’re finished, making clean up easier. At the same time, they are durable enough to handle the needs of professional chefs and kitchens. Round Eye Supply has wholesale aluminum restaurant pans at great prices so you’re ready when you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Get aluminum foil pans in sizes ranging from small, single-serve lunch trays to giant catering pans for graduation parties. We are a leading wholesale kitchen supply store that takes the hassle out of shopping.

Our versatile foil pans come in many shapes for different uses. We have half-size and full-size aluminum steam table pans, full curl cake pans, hemmed-edge loaf pans, round carryout pans and oblong buffet pans, to name a few. Click on a pan to learn more about its specifications and what quantities it comes in. We also stock lids to cover your pans. Foil pan lids or plastic dome lids will hold in heat and prevent spillage. Get things done faster by cooking and serving in aluminum pans. This trusted kitchenware saves you from washing dishes and reduces the risk of breakage. Outside the kitchen, foil pans can be turned into paint and craft holders or placed under a grill to catch grease. The products listed here are in stock and ready to ship. Orders over $1,500 ship free to save you even more. Load up on aluminum pans today from our one-stop shop.

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