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3 Compartment Containers

The decision to choose one style of to-go container over another often comes down to what type of foods are being dished out on the takeout menu. Food containers made with three compartments are a great choice when serving a three-course lunch or dinner. The typical design features a larger compartment for the main entrée, and two smaller compartments for holding side dishes or a side dish and dessert. Triple compartments make these to-go containers convenient for keeping food items separate while the container is en route from one area to the next.

Sizes of 3 Compartment To-Go Containers

As always, you can choose from a selection of container sizes when you shop with us. Every to-go order may involve doling out different portion sizes, and it’s nice to find three-compartment containers that come in three different sizes for your convenience. We offer small, medium and large, and each size may be useful for your customers, depending on whether you are serving up breakfast, lunch or dinner menu items. What’s also nice about having three different sizes on hand is that you can correspond their size to your menu’s various prices for to-go meals.

Stock Up on Foam Disposable Trays

At the moment, we feature to-go food trays with three compartments constructed entirely out of foam. For many years, disposable containers have proven to be extremely durable in the food service industry, and they hold up well whether the food is hot or cold. Our bulk wholesale prices for these foam containers are always a good deal for your budget, so stock up now and save.

Feel Secure With Your Take-Out Containers

Rest assured with the style of take-out food container that offers the best closures for transporting food safely from one area to the next. These containers are well-designed, including a sturdy hinge that holds up under repeated opening and closing. To ensure the lid stays closed during transport, they also feature strong locking so you can focus on delivering to every doorstep.
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