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Souffle & Portion Cups

Restaurant Portion Cups - Bulk Condiment Cups and Lids

Help hungry customers add a little extra to their meals with a case of portion cups at wholesale prices. Whether you refer to them as portion cups, condiment cups or souffle cups, these small disposable cups are essential for restaurants. They’re a convenient way to hold toppings, dips and sauces. Whether your meal calls for ketchup, mustard, salsa, jelly, mayonnaise or lobster butter, a condiment cup reduces mess and waste. You can also use them for small fancy desserts, such as souffles, or to hold medication.

Visit Round Eye Supply for a huge selection of condiment cups for restaurants. These cups come in many sizes depending on their use. A small 0.5-ounce or 1-ounce souffle cup is ideal for single-serve dipping and dunking. Larger 4-ounce cups with lids can hold snack-size portions of fruit, nuts and crackers. Choose tall, narrow cups for French fries or squat cups for chips and chicken nuggets. We offer both paper and plastic condiment cups. A case of paper portion cups is a real money saver. The retro cups are exactly what you remember from fast food joints as a kid — and they can be commercially composted. Black plastic sauce cups are more durable and less messy. If you’re prepackaging condiments for takeout, translucent dip cups let customers see the contents so they know it’s what they ordered. Add portion cup lids to seal the contents to prevent spills.

Dipping Made Simple

With sauce cups from Solo, Dart, Ideal and World Centric, you know you’re getting quality products from Round Eye Supply. We have low prices and lots ranging from 500 to 5,000 pieces so you’re never stuck with unnecessary supplies. As one of the leading food supply distributors, we know how to make businesses hum. Call or email to get started on finding the solution to your portion cup needs.
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