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Butcher Twine

Butcher Twine & Kitchen String

Whether you call it cooking string, kitchen string, butcherís twine or butcherís string, this is an indispensable product for any food preparation operation making roasts, preparing whole chickens for the rotisserie or just bundling food that is being transported.

Our roasting string, sometimes referred to as butcher rope, is made in a functional blend of cotton and polyester. It comes in 2-pound cones, one per case, and in your choice of 16-ply or 24-ply. The Arden Benhar product, a 16-ply twine, is sold in a 2.5-pound cone. You'll also see something called Polish twine, available in a one-pound ball. It was originally used for tying off the ends of Polish sausages.

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