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Tic Tacs

Bulk Tic Tacs at Wholesale Prices

Tic Tacs are synonymous with freshness. Keep your team frosty and happy when you buy Tic Tacs in bulk at Round Eye Supply.

Variety of Tic Tac Flavors

Browse our inventory for the Tic Tac flavors your crew loves. Whether you're stocking up at home or stocking your breakroom, these beloved breath mints are available in an array of taste profiles. We carry the most popular flavors, which are Wintergreen Tic Tacs and Orange Tic Tacs. Bulk options also include the original Freshmint, Spearmint, X-Freeze Strong and Fruit Adventure. Choose the Tic Tacs that will keep your team fresh and focused, and find lots of information on each product page, including Tic Tac ingredients, calories and more.

Tic Tac Mints Bulk Options

Buy Tic Tacs in bulk for a worry-free supply. These little beauties have a shelf life 540 days - nearly a year and a half - so you can be confident they'll deliver loads of fabulous Tic Tac flavor, even down to the last 1-ounce container in a 288-piece case. Find 3.4-ounce bottle packs that contain 200 Tic Tacs each in cases of 48, 1-ounce containers in bags of four packed 24 per case, and other Tic Tacs bulk options in our inventory. Save big on small-but-mighty Tic Tac mints when you buy in bulk.

Round Eye Supply: Fresh and Nimble

Stay fresh with Tic Tacs and Round Eye Supply. Our mission is to help you run your business or busy household with maximum efficiency. We do that by offering over 60,000 items on one easy-to-use website at the best prices around. Find your favorite wholesale food and restaurant supplies vendors and all the top national name brands right here in a one-stop shopping experience. Plus, our staff has over 30 years of experience in the foodservice industry, whether it's in distribution, administration or direct service at your table or behind the bar, which makes us a nimble resource for solving problems. Contact us today to see how shopping with Round Eye Supply can save you time and money.

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