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Corn Syrup

Corn Syrups

Of all the bulk corn syrup suppliers out there, Round Eye Supply is the best. Browse our inventory for a wide range of dark and light corn syrup sizes from trusted name brands at the lowest wholesale prices available.

Corn Syrup vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup

The difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a matter of concern for many consumers. Basically, there are three types of sugar: sucrose, glucose and fructose. Table sugar is sucrose, generally made from sugar cane or sugar beets. Regular corn syrup contains pure glucose, a form of sugar extracted from corn. HFCS includes some glucose that has been converted to fructose, which is sweeter and more difficult for our bodies to process than glucose. Both light corn syrup and dark corn syrup - which has molasses added to it - are great for baking because they won't crystallize in baked goods the way granulated sugar will.

Bulk Corn Syrup Options

Find bulk corn syrup for sale at Round Eye Supply from popular brand names like Karo and Ventura Foods. Browse a variety of sizes to meet your household or business needs. From a 12-count case of Karo corn syrup light with real vanilla 16-fluid-ounce bottles to a 4-count case of 1-gallon dark corn syrup jugs to a 60-pound tub of corn syrup bulk, wholesale prices make stocking up a smart choice. This product stores at room temp and has a very long shelf life, so keep plenty on hand in your bakery, catering business or home pantry.

Hassle-Free Wholesale Shopping

Round Eye Supply is committed to taking the stress out of your shopping experience. Running a business or busy household can be daunting when the supplies you need are scattered across multiple stores and websites. We stock over 60,000 items on our easy-to-use site, making us your one-stop destination for everything from cleaning supplies to healthy snacks to baking ingredients to mixing bowls. All qualifying orders ship free, and you can contact us for help from our knowledgeable staff who have decades of experience in the foodservice industry. Get more for less at Round Eye Supply.

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