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Wholesale Ketchup: Shop Ketchup for Restaurants

Dress up food with a classic American condiment by ordering large quantities of ketchup at great prices. Modern ketchup was created in the 1800s and is now found just about everywhere people eat. It’s pretty much synonymous with hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries, but you can also add it to scrambled eggs, mozzarella sticks, breakfast burritos, chicken nuggets and dozens of other foods. Round Eye Supply is one of the leading wholesale ketchup distributors for food service providers. We stock plenty of bulk Heinz ketchup to supply customers with the world’s most popular tomato ketchup. Other brands, such as French’s, Hunt’s, Sauer and Del Monte, offer a different take on this signature dipping sauce. You can even get unbranded or private label ketchup wholesale with free shipping on orders over $1,500.

No matter how much ketchup you need or what size container, we have a solution. Single-serve bulk ketchup packets are a must for fast-food restaurants, street carts and drive-thrus. Go to the other extreme with a Heinz bulk ketchup dispenser pack that keeps this condiment flowing. (We also carry the jug pump you’ll need for customers to put it on their food.) In between, there are ketchup tins and jars for busy kitchens, top-down ketchup bottles for campground stores, bulk glass ketchup bottles for traditional dining and room service ketchup bottles for hotels. Organic ketchup and no salt ketchup help you meet dietary restrictions. We provide many ways to search for the perfect wholesale ketchup package. Use the filters to narrow things down based on brand name, packaging material, container size and other options. If you have questions or need to place a special order, contact our food service supply experts by phone, email and live chat. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, our team knows what to do so your business never runs out of ketchup.

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