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Restaurant & Food Service Mustard – Various Brands – Bulk Wholesale

You already know that ketchup is one of America’s all-time favorite condiments. Now, it’s time to focus your attention on that other favorite – mustard. This tangy yellow condiment has become a must have staple for countless restaurants and food service businesses. Yellow mustard is still the go-to classic but there are other types of mustard that are enjoyed by many customers. So, you can satisfy mustard lovers by ordering plenty of the different kinds of mustard we feature here at bulk wholesale.

Classic Yellow Mustard for Everything

Mustard is a condiment found in millions of restaurants and homes and its tangy flavor is often associated with hot dogs. And yes, mustard does taste delicious on a hot dog or other types of sausage, but it can also be used in numerous other ways. People also love it on hamburgers and warm, doughy pretzels. Chefs can add it to egg salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, salad dressing and creamy sauces. Countless recipes also include prepared mustard as an essential flavor enhancer. Basically, there’s always going to be a need for yellow mustard in and out of the kitchen and we can help you stay fully stocked up for all uses.

Ground, French, Honey and Hot Mustard

Mustard comes in other flavorful varieties, and we’ve got the most popular varieties among our product offerings. Each type of mustard has its own unique, distinctive taste and texture, and using one or more of these mustards can elevate the pleasure of enjoying a meal or snack at your establishment.

Stone ground mustard is rustic in appearance with a hearty, spicy flavor. French Dijon mustard is bold in flavor with a dash of heat. Honey mustard is delightfully warm and sweet. Hot mustard is spicy with a strong flavor.

Bulk Mustard Cups and Packets

In addition to jars and jugs, you can find bulk mustard in packaging that is convenient for single-serve use. Simply choose mustard packaged in disposable cups with pull-off tops or small, plastic packets with tear-open edges.
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