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Mexican Salsa For Restaurants & Food Service - Wholesale

The popularity of Mexican and Tex-Mex foods such as burritos and tacos means there is always a need for large quantities of salsa. Let’s face it. On any given day, your business can go through a ton of salsa because customers love how this condiment enhances the flavor of their favorite Southwestern food items. Oh, and they also love dipping tortilla chips into bowls of salsa, a favorite restaurant appetizer.

Where To Buy Mexican Restaurant Salsa?

That may have been what you were thinking before you found us, and we’re happy that you’ve discovered our awesome selection of restaurant salsa. We’re always aware of our responsibility to provide the restaurant industry with Mexican food supplies that are most often used in staff kitchens, and we deliver the goods! Best of all, you can use our resource to order bulk quantities that help to keep your kitchen running smoothly. It’s all about flexibility and you can order one case or many.

Top Salsa Brand Names

When it comes to what brands to choose for your kitchen, we’ve got salsa brands that are well-known and much used in countless restaurants and food service businesses. These brands are preferred because of product reliability and consistency of results. You know exactly what to expect when you open the package and taste its contents. Some of the top brands featured here are Herdez, Ortega, La Victoria and Pace. Each brand produces its unique version of salsa, and you can go with what you already use and try out different brands from time to time.

Awesome Variety of Bulk Salsa

It would be boring to just offer you one or two kinds of salsa. So, we’ve made things interesting by carrying several different types. Some types of restaurant salsa are more on the saucy side while others are chunky (they include bits of peppers, onions and tomatoes for texture). You can also find various heat levels, including mild, medium and hot.
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