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Wholesale Iodized and Non-Iodized Salt

It’s getting pretty salty around here! And that’s because we’ve got plenty of bulk salt for sale in the bulk order quantities you need to keep things humming along in your food service kitchen. The wholesale cooking salt we offer comes in a variety of bulk sizes and case counts to suit your kitchen’s culinary usage. For instance, you can find large size containers that hold 25 or 50 pounds of salt. Or you may decide you prefer cases that contain several smaller containers of salt that can easily be stored and used inside the kitchen. Either way, we’re more than happy to help you make things salty for your customers.
Iodine is a trace mineral that is added to regular table salt as a supplement for addressing iodine deficiency. For instance, iodine contributes to thyroid health. This type of salt is often sold to consumers for home use and any salt product with this additive is clearly labeled as iodized salt. Restaurants and food service kitchens have the option of using iodized or non-iodized salt for table service and cooking uses and we offer both types at wholesale.

Sea Salt and Kosher Salt

Some chefs desire to have sea salt among their stock of seasonings to use with specific dishes. Sea salt is considered to be a first-rate flavor enhancer, and some customers also find it preferable to regular table salt. You can find sea salt in bulk quantities for your culinary needs. If your place of business requires bulk kosher salt, add a case of this salt to your order and save.

Salt with Seasonings

Salt can be further enhanced with different spice ingredients, creating an exciting blend for all sorts of dishes. Among the specialty salt blends, are popular all-purpose seasoning salts. Each seasoning salt brand has its own unique flavor profile, so you may want to try more than one. Also, you can find tasty blends of garlic salt, celery salt and onion salt.

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