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Syrup Packets & Cups

Table Syrup Packets & Cups

Single-serve pancake syrup makes solid business sense. Browse our selections for the individual pancake syrup options that meet your household or foodservice needs and pour on the sweet savings.

Brand Name Individual Syrup Packets

Find your favorite name brands among our single-serve pancake syrup selections. Whether your family swears by Aunt Jemima syrup, or your restaurant regulars prefer Mrs. Butterworth's, our inventory covers their taste inclinations. Choose Log Cabin individual syrup packets, Kraft syrup cups or Madeira Farms options to replace the mess and bother of glass syrup dispensers. If you're in a healthcare setting or simply looking for healthier options, check out the reduced calorie syrup cups from Hormel Menu Magic and the Cary's sugar-free syrup packets in our inventory.

Bulk Syrup Cup Options

Buying individual pancake syrup pouches in bulk makes sense on many levels. Single-serve pancake syrup is more sanitary than a glass syrup bottle that must be shared with the general public. Plus, individual syrup packets help diners stay within reasonable portion amounts while eliminating the hassle of refilling bottles. Choose from 1-ounce syrup packets to 2.9-ounce syrup cups in cases of 80 to 200 units to suit your household or business needs. These packets have a shelf life of 3 months or more and do not require refrigeration, so you won't have to worry about food safety issues when you buy in bulk.

Stick with Round Eye Supply for Big Savings

Save time and money with wholesale prices and a huge inventory at Round Eye Supply. You'll find over 60,000 items on our convenient one-stop website, covering everything from cleaning supplies to snacks to beverages to kitchen tools and furniture. We've been in this industry for over 50 years, and our staff has over 30 years of experience in every aspect of foodservice, including time spent behind the bar and serving tables. That means we know first-hand what it takes to keep a business or busy household humming. Stick with Round Eye Supply for a huge selection, big savings and fast, reliable shipping.

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