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Wholesale Chips and Snacks

When a customer has a craving for a salty snack, we’re here to provide it. Round Eye Supply is where you can buy chips in bulk for food carts, delis, concession stands, conferences and other places where people might get the urge. Chips pair perfectly with sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers — or someone might just need a bag to tide them over until dinner. Thanks to our great selection and low prices, you can give customers what they want while making a tidy profit on sales.

Leading Snack Brands & Varieties

We are one of the leading wholesale distributors of potato chips and other snack foods. You can shop by brand, flavor and more. Visit the bulk PepsiCo Chips department for national favorites, such as Lay’s, Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos and Cheetos. Other well-known brands we stock include wholesale Utz chip, Pringles, Kettle Cooked Chips and Snyder’s. They come in several sizes to match different appetites. The Vending Chips section stocks smaller bags that are ideal for people on the go. You should also be prepared for customers who have different tastes or prefer healthier alternatives. Shop at Round Eye Supply for tortilla chips and strips, wholesale pretzels, bagel chips, corn nuts, vegetable chips and many other tasty options. There are also dips to give those chips a little extra flavor. With well over 100 different products available, there’s something to satisfy every set of taste buds.

Your Bulk Food Supply Store

Round Eye Supply works with food service partners across the U.S. to make sure they’re stocked up on chips. From hotel snack bars to cruise ships, a salty treat should never be far away. Browse our entire wholesale snack chips or check out the rest of the snack food selection. We’re happy to answer your questions by phone, email or live chat so you can provide the right products.
Zapps Evil Eye Chips - 5 Oz. DE714570
Zapp's Potato Chips 12/5 oz.
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