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Biscotti Cookies

Biscotti cookies (also known as biscotti biscuits) are a real treat for those who enjoy a light snack along with a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Originally made in Italy, their popularity has grown international, and they can be found in five-star restaurants and neighborhood coffee shops. Unique in their appearance, traditional biscotti cookies have a rectangular shape and a crisp, light texture, as well as a delightful blend of natural flavors. In this collection, you can find supplies of cookies from the Nonni brand, a leader in authentic Italian-style cookies.

Nonni Biscotti Cookies for Restaurants

Finding quality biscotti cookies to serve at a restaurant can be challenging if you are not familiar with how they are made. They are a specialty cookie that requires a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and baking standards. In our view, Nonni’s is the best maker of this style of Italian cookie, and they really are committed to using premium flours, chocolate, fruits and nuts. They also follow Italian traditions when making each batch, ensuring your customers savor every single bite.

Bulk Biscotti Individually-Wrapped Cookies

Serve biscotti cookies the safe and sanitary way by ordering bulk quantities of individually-wrapped cookies. Each cookie flavor is twice baked, and then secured inside a durable food wrap. They are then placed inside of bags or tubs and boxed for shipping. This process helps keep the cookies fresh and protected from germs until you present them to your customers. Wrapping also makes them easy to put into takeout bags for to-go orders.

The Best Wholesale Biscotti Distributors

We are happy to be able to supply you with such amazing Italian cookies at our always-low discount pricing. As biscotti distributors, we can keep costs low thanks to our wide reach across the entire food industry spectrum. Once you order a few cases, we think you’ll agree that there’s no better place to buy authentic biscotti at wholesale value than right here at Round Eye Supply.
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