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Oyster Crackers

Restaurant Crackers - Oyster Crackers in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

Oyster crackers are an easy and delicious way to elevate the soup service in your restaurant dining room. Whoever came up with the idea to pair crackers with soup was on to something big because this combination is a longtime staple for many restaurants. Soup is nourishing and comforting, and the crunchiness of crackers can make eating soup even more satisfying. At our competitive wholesale pricing, you can quickly stock up on this complementary soup order favorite.

Best Oyster Cracker Brands

When you buy supplies of oyster crackers from us, you don’t have to deal with figuring out if this brand or that brand is going to taste good – we’ve done the vetting for you. Every brand we feature here is worthy of being served at any restaurant anywhere. These brands make oyster crackers that are fresh and crisp, and their packaging is eye-catching for diners. Notable brands we may feature here include Nabisco, Burry, Westminster Natural and Keebler oyster crackers.

Perfect for Any Type of Soup and Crackers

Anytime you want to give restaurant diners premium soup service, you can offer them small crackers for soup orders. Whether you have service staff hand out these crackers or offer them self-serve style, customers appreciate getting them as a value-added extra with their soup. And oyster crackers complement all kinds of soup from tomato to chicken to New England clam chowder. You can also make them available for chili orders as well.

Variety of Bulk Oyster Crackers

Choosing crackers for soup service at Round Eye Supply is a pleasant experience because we ensure you have several options. In addition to your choice of brands, you also have a choice of individually wrapped oyster crackers or crackers placed inside of a large bag secured inside of a box. Single-serve wrapped crackers are hygienic and easy to give out. Loose crackers can be placed into a serving dish or used as a decorative accent for presentation. We also have mini saltine crackers available as an alternative option.
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