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Moon Pie

Are you wondering “Where can I buy moon pies for a decent price?” The answer to this common question is – right here! Round Eye Supply is your one-stop online shop for the one and only original MoonPies. These are still made in Chattanooga, TN, and they come individually wrapped inside of decorative boxes that you can discard or use for a display. MoonPies are a great addition to your snack offerings because they are nostalgic for some and a new discovery for others. Browse this collection and order moon pies for regular food service or as a tasty point-of-sale treat.

Original and Mini Sizes

Since their invention, the official Moon Pie is approximately four inches in diameter. It consists of a large dollop of gooey marshmallow crème sandwiched between two crisp round graham crackers. The pie is completely coated in sweet, dark chocolate. What could be better than the original sized Moon Pie? How about mini moon pies? And better still, you can buy these mini moon pies in bulk directly from us at discounted wholesale prices. Now, you may be wondering why some people love the mini versions. Well, they are approximately half the size of the regular pies and take up less room in a lunch bag or box. They also provide automatic portion control for those who want something sweet but are limiting sugar intake to a bare minimum. Additionally, they are a fun sized, satisfying and wholesome snack to eat between meals.

Variety of Flavors

The classic moon pie is covered in chocolate, and that is always going to be a top favorite for many moon pie fans. However, you can increase your sales of the classic treat by adding several flavors of moon pie to your offerings. Consider stocking up on cases of banana, strawberry, salted caramel and vanilla flavors.

Double Everything

Double the tasty treat fun for your customers by choosing to offer the Double Decker varieties. These are made the same way except they include a third graham cracker and extra layer of marshmallow crème.
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