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Ashtrays for Guest Tables

Restaurants that allow smoking on the premises have a unique challenge – keeping cigarettes and cigarette butts safely managed. It is too risky to let customers who smoke do whatever they like with a fully lit cigarette, or even one that they think is extinguished. Fully lit cigarettes pose a higher risk to the restaurant, since a fire can start from the tiniest of sparks. Cigarettes that remain smoldering near an entrance or table may escape notice until it’s too late. This is why it’s wise to always have ashtrays around for these customers to use. In this section, you can find bulk ashtrays suitable for any restaurant environment at cheap wholesale prices.
Create a smoking area for customers who wish to relax and smoke while having a bite to eat or refreshments with guest table ashtrays. The modern table ashtray is made of durable plastic or melamine, making it resistant to breaking should a customer accidentally knock it onto the floor (we do offer a glass ashtray at wholesale when available). Most ashtrays are available in neutral black, a color that looks nice with any interior décor. Choose your desired ashtray size. We offer 4-inch, 4.25-inch and 7-inch table sizes. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ashtray Urns for Lobbies and Outdoors

For areas that see more foot traffic, you can accommodate smokers with the larger sized urn style ashtray. They are tall and noticeable, and smokers usually spot them when looking for a place to dispose of cigarette ashes and butts. Choose a style with just the metal ashtray or one that includes a metal liner for additional trash.

Keep Cigarette Butts at Bay

Ashtrays placed strategically in certain locations can be a big help in preventing the unpleasant sight of cigarette butts discarded on the floor or ground. These butts can be an eyesore for guests coming to your place of business, especially non-smokers. Our wholesale bulk ashtrays are an easy fix for this common problem.
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