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Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves for Food Service Workers

Eateries of all sizes should have generous supplies of disposable latex gloves available for their employees. Our wholesale food service gloves prevent the transfer of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other contaminants between the worker and the food they’re handling. Wearing them also reduces the risk of accidentally cutting yourself while chopping and slicing. This is an important part of meeting food safety regulations. Round Eye Supply provides businesses with bulk latex gloves from leading manufacturers, such as Handgards and Boyd Gloves. Although they have not been sterilized like true surgical gloves, latex hand coverings are still U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved food safety solutions that are far cheaper than nitrile gloves. The material is also a good choice for housekeeping, manufacturing, child care and industrial clean rooms. (Note that several states, including California, do not allow the use of latex gloves. Please consult local regulations before purchasing.

Bulk Food Safety Gloves

We carry both powdered and powder-free gloves at wholesale prices. The powdered gloves are easier to put on but should not be worn for long periods due to potential skin sensitivity risks. You also have a choice of unlined vs. lined disposable gloves. Unlined latex gloves offer the most dexterity, while flock-lined gloves have better puncture resistance and are easier to remove. Each of these styles is available in sizes from small to extra large. A case of four includes four boxes with 100 ambidextrous gloves to place throughout the facility. There are also cases containing 1,000 gloves if you have a large staff. No matter what you order, you will receive fast shipping at great rates on top of low everyday prices. We put more than 30 years of food supply industry experience to work for every new and existing customer. Shop our full selection of disposable commercial gloves and let us show you why 95% of people who choose Round Eye Supply give us a 4-star or 5-star rating.

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