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Eye Drops

Eye Care Eye Drops – Bulk Wholesale – Lubricating – Allergy Relief – Contacts Relief

Maintaining good eye health is essential for everyone who values their vision, and our eye drops collection can be a simple solution for providing fast relief. The need to keep supplies of eye drops may not come up until a customer or staff person complains of an eye problem. This is why it’s a good idea to go ahead and add this personal care essential to your supplies immediately to ensure there is a useful remedy available when someone needs these drops to alleviate their discomfort. Our wholesale pricing makes it convenient to order what you need in bulk quantities.

Bulk Lubricating Eye Drops

On any given day, someone is rubbing their eyes due to irritation, suffering from tired eyes or fussing about contacts making their eyes feel too dry. If you are looking for a profitable personal care item to offer customers at checkout, lubricating eye drops are always a good choice. Those customers are going to see the product sitting right in front of them and realize there is a solution for their irritable eyes. These products sell themselves and when you purchase them in bulk quantities, you can easily refill stock should it get too low.

Mini Eye Drops in Bulk

Some people are traveling and when they visit your business, you can capture their attention by offering eye drops packaged in mini bottles that contain smaller doses. These bottles are easier to carry around in a carry bag or coat pocket, if necessary. Look for eye drops in the .034 oz. and 0.25 oz. size if you want to add miniature bottles to your eye drop selection.

Eye Freshener Drops

People with tired eyes often seek out what they consider to be eye drops that make their eyes feel refreshed. And if they come to your business asking for freshener drops for the eyes, you can steer them towards your eye care section. Ditto for allergy sufferers seeking relief from red, itchy eyes.
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