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Feminine Care Products

Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products are a necessity for businesses, restaurants, schools and prisons responsible for ensuring bathrooms have adequate supplies. They are just as important to women as keeping bathrooms stocked with supplies of paper towels and toilet tissue. Being that Proctor and Gamble is a trusted maker of bulk feminine hygiene products such as tampons and menstrual pads, we are pleased to offer you these bulk products at excellent wholesale prices. These products are familiar to millions of women, and they are a welcome sight to those in need.

Familiar and Trusted Brands

Choosing to stock your bathrooms with feminine hygiene products made by trusted brand names is a great way to show the women visiting your establishment that you care to offer the best. These women may have their own preferred brands for menstrual pads and tampons but in a pinch, everyone is grateful to have a nationally recognized brand to use. This collection features iconic brands such as Tampax and Always. Tampax has helped countless women with its discretionary products for generations. Always pads are known for being innovators with their “wings” design.

Variety For Every Need

While many businesses purchasing pads and tampons for women opt for only the regular size versions, you can make a woman’s day by going the extra mile to offer more variety. Women’s bodies are different and regular size isn’t adequate for everyone in every situation. Consider stocking up on super absorbency, long, thin, ultra-thin and unscented varieties. More options make it easier for women to feel clean and confident.

Business and Institutional Use

Round Eye Supply offers feminine hygiene products by Proctor and Gamble to a wide range of businesses, including restaurants. We also welcome institutions such as schools and prisons to take advantage of our always low wholesale prices for these much-needed items. Shopping wholesale in bulk is easy, cheap and convenient. And we take care of the packaging, shipping and delivery of your order.
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