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Kay Chemical Company

Keeping your restaurant clean and sanitized is even more important in this day and age, and we are pleased to offer Kay cleaning products at bulk pricing. Kay Chemical specializes in providing cleansers and disinfectants made with quality ingredients that are proven to be reliable performers. We feature everything from a Kay multipurpose disinfectant cleaner to drain cleaners to soap dispenser options for hand cleaning.

Clean and Sanitize

Maintain a high level of cleanliness in the restaurant kitchen, dining area, bathroom and common areas with the help of Kay cleaning products. Many cleaners come in large sizes, and some come in concentrated formulas to stretch your cleaning supply budget further. In food service, having a reliable surface sanitizer on hand for regular use can make it easy for staff to keep on top of common bacteria and germs.

Get Rid of Grease and Lime Scale Deposits

There’s nothing worse than dealing with loose or baked-in grease, and your establishment can keep grease from ruining kitchen equipment with our selection of grease fighters. Kay offers powerful degreaser products that penetrate grease, breaking it up and dissolving it, so that it can be properly disposed of per your kitchen’s cleaning policy. At some point, crusty, white deposits build up on restaurant equipment – it’s limescale, and it causes corrosion, especially around dishwashing machines. You can save your expensive equipment from serious damage by choosing a Kay lime scale remover.

Remove Harmful Bacteria from Produce

Give staff and customers greater peace of mind by using more than water to remove potentially harmful bacteria from fresh produce. Kay’s anti-bacteria wash is a safe and effective way to remove hidden bacteria from fruits and vegetables, and it’s easy to use. By taking the extra step to ensure fresh produce meets high standards of cleanliness, you can better serve your customers by protecting their health and the health of your business.
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