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Pop Tarts

People of all ages are familiar with Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, and they can often be found in cafeterias, hotels and restaurants as well as shops located in neighborhoods and airports. Basically, this tasty pastry is as much a part of the American meal as apple pie, and they may be more popular than that! Round Eye Supply is your number one online resource for bulk quantities of Pop-Tarts – available at the wholesale prices you expect to find at a restaurant supply superstore.

It’s Easy to Binge on Bulk Pop-Tarts

America has an ongoing love affair with Pop-Tarts. Ever since they first came on the scene in 1964, these rectangular-shaped pastries with a fruit or creamy center have been a hit with kids, teens and adults. It’s easy to see why. Originally marketed as a quick breakfast pastry that can be toasted and ready to eat in a few minutes, they are now enjoyed any time of day or night. Many people enjoy them as a snack food, and that means you can sell them to eager pastry-loving fans throughout the day. We recommend stocking up on a few flavor varieties to appeal to a broader range of preferences.

Fresh, Individually-Wrapped Pop-Tarts

When you order from us, you receive your desired number of individually-wrapped pastries made fresh from the factory and packaged securely to guarantee long-lasting freshness. The packs are then sealed inside of decorative boxes before being placed inside a shipping box. When displayed at certain high-traffic areas, they are hard for customers to resist. They can be displayed alone or with an assortment of other snack foods.

Craving a Case of Bulk Pop-Tarts? No Problem

It’s great to have flexibility when ordering one, two, three or more Pop-Tart flavors by the case. We make it easy to order an assortment of six, a case of 12 or a case of 120. Plus, should you need a large bulk order, we can ship a pallet of Pop-Tarts for a single flavor or for a combination of your choice.
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