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Barilla is one of America’s favorite pasta brands and it is considered to be a flavorful and reliable pasta for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Promoted as a pasta for enjoying authentic Italian food, culture and art, Round Eye Supply is happy to be a premier online distributor of a variety of its pasta. Browse to find familiar Barilla restaurant favorites and other varieties to use for new and exciting menu offerings. Our wholesale prices can save you a bundle when you choose specific bulk quantities.

Pasta for Classic and Modern Dishes

Barilla pasta distributors like us know that in order to make the best pasta dishes you need to have dry pasta that rates highly with chefs and consumers. Barilla easily meets this quality standard. And because it is so prevalent throughout the food service industry, and found on supermarket shelves, it is a featured pasta for numerous classic and modern pasta dishes. Barilla offers all of your go-to favorites, including linguine, penne and spaghetti. Imagine the number of delicious entrees your establishment can create with these three alone. We also carry Barilla elbow pasta for macaroni and cheese, fettuccine, manicotti and lasagna pasta.

Legume and Whole Grain Varieties

Do you have vegetarian and vegan entrees on your menu? If so, there’s a Barilla pasta that is perfect for these customers. As an alternative to regular pasta, you can serve them pasta made from legumes. Serve them pasta made from chickpeas and/or red lentils with your choice of pasta sauce. Customers who are health conscience may enjoy dishes made with Barilla 100 percent whole grain pasta. It has a hearty flavor and comes in popular varieties.

Gluten-Free Varieties

Some of your customers are going to want pasta, but they cannot have regular varieties due to a gluten intolerance. Make these customers happy by offering alternative dishes made with Barilla gluten-free pasta or try another brand for comparison.

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