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Red Eye Supply, we know that straw needs are different based on many variables, and this is why you can count on us to provide you with reliable supplies of individually wrapped plastic straws, wrapped paper straws and unwrapped drinking straws. Food service operations of all types and sizes rely on our straws and you can order them in large quantities to keep up with your establishments’ straw usage. We also offer stylish straw dispensers for restaurant tables.

Great Color Variety

There is no need to settle for a single color choice when shopping for wholesale restaurant straws. If clear plastic is your preference, we certainly have those available in large quantities. But you can also go with another color choice such as black, a sophisticated color option, and red, a bright color option. Or how about earthy green? Contemporary straw colors can be chosen to complement restaurant dinnerware or disposable containers, plates or cups. You can even opt for bright, neon assorted straw colors for fun variety.

Standard or Jumbo Size

Another area where you don’t have to settle is size. For regular drinks you can order tons of standard size straws that are suitable for small, medium and large cups and glasses. But when it comes to jumbo drinks, ideally, you want a jumbo straw that complements this size and we have these in various colors, wrapped and unwrapped. Keep both on hand to ensure you have enough for busy rush periods.

Straw with Utensils and Napkin

Save time and effort when packaging to-go meals with our convenient straw combinations. One combination contains a milk straw, spork (a fork and spoon fusion) and napkin. The other includes a milk straw and traditional fork and spoon with napkin.
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