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Marshmallows bring the “fun” whether you’re camping or working in food service, and when it’s time for you to stock up on this sweet, food-enhancing treat, you can get as many marshmallows as you need from your favorite restaurant supply superstore. This collection features a variety of marshmallows to use for enhancing hot beverages and tasty baked goods. Made by Kraft and other established restaurant brands, these marshmallows are proven to be winners for customers who expect the best in flavor and freshness. Additionally, you can also find bulk supplies of marshmallow cream or topping to use as a filling or top layer for delicious cakes and cupcakes.

Bulk Marshmallows for Everyone

Marshmallows are not just for kids anymore. Many restaurants are creating trendy desserts featuring these sweet, fluffy confections and you can be a part of this trend by ordering supplies of regular marshmallows from us. Bulk quantities of regular-size marshmallows can be used to make delicious smores. Better yet, use them as toppers for decadent cookies, cakes and unique treats. They can be dipped in white chocolate or drizzled with dark chocolate and even used to make edible characters. Want more impact? Go for the jumbo size.

Wholesale Mini Marshmallows

White marshmallows also come in miniature form, and these are also fun to work with. They are the perfect size for ramping up the richness of hot chocolate. They can also be delightful decorative toppings for brownies, cupcakes, ice cream and cakes. Plan ahead by choosing the individual bag size that best suits the amount you’ll need. Mini marshmallows are sold by the pound, and bag sizes vary from one pound to five pounds.

Add Some Color with Colored Tiny Marshmallows

When a festive occasion calls for something sweet and delicious, it’s always nice to have supplies of tiny colored marshmallows. These marshmallows are the same size as the white miniature variety, but they come in eye-pleasing pastel colors. These are ideal for birthdays, holidays and other festive occasions.
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