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Custom Culinary Soup and Broth Products

Restaurants use broths for nearly every recipe that they offer the public. It's not possible to create a new broth each day, however. Custom Culinary products offer a solution with their proprietary bases. Use their products in your kitchen in order to create those spectacular dishes in a hurry. A soup base improves rice, noodles and dozens of other popular meals.

Custom Culinary soup base comes in several different flavors. Choose between beef, vegetable, chicken, shrimp, bacon, au jus and clam bases. There are some specialized Custom Culinary broth cubes, too. If your customers are looking for a healthier base in their meals, try low-sodium beef and vegetable bouillon cubes. You'll still offer the customers an astonishing taste sensation but without the extra salt. Every base has a slightly different concentration so choose a handful of products to try. Your kitchen will be more efficient as a result.

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