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Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a delicious natural product created from tropical coconuts and made shelf stable by coconut milk manufacturers. Restaurants use coconut milk for making all sorts of meals, especially rice dishes. This delicious plant-based milk can also be used for making pies, cakes and sweet treats. When you are looking for bulk quantities of coconut milk for sale for use at restaurants and food service businesses, we are your go-to online resource for quality brand name bulk coconut milk. Find traditional coconut milk, lite coconut milk, organic coconut milk and sweetened coconut milk for cooking and barista service. Get more of your favorite brands at wholesale pricing.

Best Makers of Coconut Milk

Restaurants rely on us to find the best producers of restaurant quality coconut milk and that’s exactly what we’ve done. This collection includes coconut milk made by proven brands that produce consistent quality time and again and that can make all the difference when comparing standards such as taste and kitchen performance. Popular brands we offer include A Taste of Thai, Pacific, Goya and McCormick. Every brand offers a product that meets the strict standards for food service.

Coconut Milk in Recipes

Coconut milk can be a delicious addition to all sorts of beverages and food items on your menu. It can be stirred into coffee as an alternative to cream. You can use it to whip up a tropical infused fruity coconut smoothie. Combine it with curry to create savory soups, stews, noodles and rice dishes. Try adding it to pancake and waffle mix for a dash of coconut flavor at breakfast. Coconut ice cream is a refreshing treat for summer. Imagine all the things your chef can do with supplies of bulk coconut milk.

Tasty Varieties

Coconut milk comes in different varieties, and we have them here for you to try out and use for creative culinary delights. We offer classic coconut milk, sweetened coconut milk, coconut milk formulated for coffee and cappuccino beverages, organic coconut milk and refreshing coconut water.
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