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Trail Mix

Attract more point-of-sale purchases near the check out with supplies of trail mix. This is a long-time favorite snack for people who are physically active or for those who just want something healthier to munch on between meals. Our huge collection of bulk trail mix products is a perfect resource for cafes, cafeterias and restaurants of all sizes. In addition to being a popular healthy foods item, trail mix can also be used to enhance yogurt cups or served as a catered party snack mix.

Healthy Bulk Trail Mix Snacks

As you make decisions about what kind of snacks to purchase for your foodservice business, one thing becomes obvious – it’s a no-brainer to include wholesale trail mix snacks. You don’t have to do anything special to sell it because it sells itself. These mixes contain various combinations of nuts and dried fruits, and some include chocolate candy, which appeals to those who don’t normally eat trail mix. Offering two or more flavor mixes can increase the odds of customers purchasing at least one flavor combination.

Trail Mix Individual Packs & Bags

We sell bulk trail mix in convenient packets that make it easy for you to display and for customers to see what’s inside. Many packs are designed for hanging display and counter display, giving you two ways to entice your patrons. Most trail mix packs include a window showing its content, and that can spur a desire to grab a pack for future enjoyment. The number of packs per case varies, ranging from as few as six to over 100.

The Best Trail Mix Brands

A lot of companies make trail mix, but only a select few offer mixes that meet the high-quality standards for the food industry. Each of those brands are included in this collection to make it easy for you to find great-tasting trail mix for your customers. Popular brands include Planters, Mountain Recipe, Golden Recipe and more.
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