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Lawrence Foods

Lawrence Foods Inc.

Lawrence supplies the Baker and the Confectioner with the smoothest sugar base in the restaurant and baking industry.Baked cakes and pies last longer and maintain their fresh appearance with fluffy ButtercrÀme icings, scrumptious Dip-N-Dry and Ice-N-Set donut icings and creamy Reddi-Spred fudges. Flat Icings for coffee cakes, donuts, and pastries contain little or no air to increase their volume and are usually applied to the food by dipping or pouring. The icing should shine and be dry to the touch or dry all the way through.Fudge Icings for brownies, cupcakes, and restaurant cakes contain a small amount of air and usually remain soft and creamy. Whipped Icings contain a large volume of air and are quite often used to decorate cakes or fill snack cakes and desserts at your favorite restaurants.Buy wholesale Lawrence Foods Inc icings from the restaurant supply superstore.
Apple Danish Filling - 40 Lb. DE545829
The Finishing Touch 1/38 lb.
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