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Chinese Restaurants

Over 5,000 Chinese and Asian restaurants count on Round Eye Supply for the best deals for essential Chinese restaurant supplies thanks to our fantastic wholesale pricing. We may not be a traditional Chinese or Asian restaurant supply store, but our years of restaurant supply experience and reputation for excellent products and service make us a supplier you can rely upon. Whether you are an independent restaurant, a chain restaurant or a mobile restaurant, you can find a steady supply of food pails and other items that help you serve dine-in and to-go orders with efficiency and style.

Decorative Take Out Boxes

The popular paper pail that is commonly associated with Chinese takeout food has a fascinating history. Invented in 1894 by Frederick Weeks Wilcox, it is a uniquely American invention inspired by Japanese origami design. Originally, the boxes were created for general restaurant use. However, Chinese food vendors and restaurants quickly took a liking to these practically leakproof containers and began using them exclusively for to-go orders. The tradition stuck and a later re-design added Chinese symbols and imagery to the plain white boxes, along with bright red color. Carry on this time-honored food service tradition by stocking up on various sizes of the now iconic chinese takeout box. These boxes can be used for packaging any type of Asian style food.

Tasty Fortune Cookies

Looking for a reliable source for bulk fortune cookies? We are here to deliver the premium quality fortune cookies your business needs for all of your to-go Chinese food orders. Customers expect to find one, two or several fortune cookies in their to-go orders and you can meet their expectations with our supply of individually wrapped restaurant style cookies. They are baked and packed fresh, maintaining excellent flavor. And each one contains a surprise fortune.


Chopsticks and More

We have other items available for your Asian restaurant that can save you a bundle when buying bulk from us. Get a good deal on thousands of wrapped wooden chopsticks, egg roll bags, plastic containers, heavy-duty brown paper bags and more.


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