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Iced Tea

Wholesale Restaurant Iced Tea Brands – Bags, Canned & Powdered Mixes

Keep tea lovers visiting your restaurant happy by stocking up on a quality selection of tea varieties that make the best tasting iced tea. We’ve got classic tea bags filled with tea leaves in blends that are proven to be popular with customers. We also have powdered tea that can be brewed or added to a glass of water for instant tea. You can also find canned iced tea. Whether you’re looking for classic tea, organic tea or flavored tea, you can find it all at a great wholesale price.

Top Restaurant Iced Tea Brands

Iced tea is a big seller in restaurants, and we know you want a wholesaler who understands that your customers expect high quality when they buy it by the glass, can or pitcher. This is why we only offer the very best iced tea brands in our tea collection. Brands such as Lipton and Tetley have been served in restaurants for decades and continue to be among the most trusted brands used at restaurants of every kind. In addition to those two iconic brands, we offer other brands that help you serve exceptionally good tasting iced tea for those who love drinking it.

Flavored Tea

Customer tastes have evolved over the years when it comes to tea, and while traditional iced tea flavors are always in demand, there are other flavors that are also great sellers. Lemon tea is a perennial favorite, and flavors such as raspberry and tropical are quickly becoming just as popular. Browse our tea selection to find flavors that excite a tea lover’s palette.

Best Powdered Iced Tea Brands

Some of the tea we offer comes in a powdered form that makes it easier to use with brewing machines. Find brands that offer classic tea, organic tea and pre-sweetened powdered tea among the products offered here. We may also feature instant powdered tea that can be directly added to a glass or pitcher. This type of tea instantly dissolves in water and has a pleasant flavor and aroma.

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