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Canned & Packaged Food

Canned Fruits and Vegetables in Food Service Sizes

Need a steady supply of bulk canned goods for your food service kitchen? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what restaurant and food service kitchens need when it comes to canned goods, and here is where you can find a hearty supply of assorted canned goods organized into quick-shop categories for your shopping convenience. With our easy-breezy categories, you can quickly find exactly the type of canned goods you need right now. You can also plan ahead by finding the items you anticipate needing for holidays and upcoming events.
Certain dishes require the use of large quantities of fruits, and in order to ensure you can create delicious desserts and treats for customers, you can stock up on canned versions of common restaurant fruits. Among our selection are apples and apple sauce, cranberry sauce, pineapples, plums and pears. Also, check out our selection of quality fruit purees that can be used for a wide range of tasty menu items. We can also help you fully stock up on supplies of canned corn, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers and other canned vegetables.

Bulk Cases of Canned Meats and Seafood

When a menu item calls for a certain type of meat or seafood, it can be a big help to have it on hand in quick serve canned form. Among our offerings are corned beef hash, a perennial breakfast, brunch and lunch service favorite. Tuna fish is another all-time favorite. Save by ordering bulk quantities at restaurant wholesale.

Food Service Rice, Pasta and Soups

Every food service kitchen should have an ample supply of essential wholesale canned goods on hand. By essentials, we mean menu staples such as rice, pasta and soup. While not all of these items are technically canned, this is a convenient place to offer them, so that you can pick them up while purchasing canned goods that complement these versatile food items.

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