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There are countless ways that milk can be used in cafeterias and restaurant kitchens, making shelf-stable milk a vital part of every foodservice pantry. Because we are a superstore supplier of milk products for the foodservice industry, we can supply you with a variety of powdered milk, malted milk, low fat milk, nonfat milk and popular milk alternatives at affordable wholesale pricing. You can also rely on us to help you get the quantities of milk products you need for daily operations. Take advantage or our relationships with some of the industry’s top milk product producers and place your order today.

Quality Bulk Powdered Milk

If you were wondering where to buy powdered milk in the kind of bulk quantities you need for menu planning, the answer is right here. We supply thousands of restaurants and foodservice operations with high-quality milk, and you can order non-fat dry milk powder in 25- or 50-pound bags. Alternatively, you may decide that a case of five-pound bags is more to your liking. Bulk dry milk is equal to skim milk when reconstituted, and it can be used just like liquid milk.

Get Dry Milk Wholesale

Buying powdered milk at our wholesale prices can help you save on costs each time you buy in bulk. Why should you try powdered milk? It’s easier to store, it can last longer than liquid milk and each bag contains many more servings per pound. That means that your dry whole milk powder purchase today can last for a good while, especially when you buy multiple cases at wholesale.

Other Milk Products in Bulk

We are also a great resource for purchasing bulk quantities of shelf-stable liquid milk products. Find cans of evaporated milk for general use and sweetened condensed milk for baking or making many sweet treats. We also carry regular milk alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk.
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