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Monin Vanilla Spice PET Syrup 1 ltr.

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Monin Vanilla Spice PET Syrup 1 ltr. 01-2573
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Item #: 01-2573
  • Discontinued effective 3/25/22

  • Ships via UPS
    Monin Vanilla Spice Syrup - 1 Ltr.. From origin to originality, this delicious blend of Madagascar vanilla and worldly spices is a must-try flavor experience.
    Our Vanilla Spice Syrup satisfies the thirst for something new, while staying true to the nostalgic flavors of vanilla.
    Add a touch of imagination and a hint of warm spice to lattes, mochas, iced coffee, dessert cocktails and more.

    Step Out of the Ordinary

    Monin Vanilla Spice Syrup is a natural fit in hot, iced and frozen specialty coffee beverages and offers sweet and spiced versatility in iced teas, lemonades, milkshakes and cocktails.

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