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Cornstarch 50 lb Bag-50 lb.

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Cornstarch 50 lb Bag-50 lb. 630000

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Item #: 630000
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Cornstarch 50 lb Bag

Our cornstarch packaged in 50 lb multilayer paper bags is a great thickener for your favorite dishes. Enjoy wholesale bargain prices for these premium quality corn starch products made available to you by Round Eye Supply. Cooks can benefit from the easy mixing, short cooking time, and fast dissolving qualities of this food starch product. Expect good end results for your restaurant dishes. Cornstarch is also referred to as cornflour or Maizena.Corn starch is gluten free and flavorless and has twice the thickening power of flour. Cornstarch has 488 calories per 128g serving. Cornstarch and water is a non-newtonian fluid which makes it great for science experiments. Depending on the rate of stress, the fluid will respond either like a solid or like a liquid.

Carton Pack Quantity1/EA

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