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Potatoes are a must-have food staple for foodservice establishments and restaurants across North America. Every day, countless portions of potatoes are served as a comforting side dish with meat and meatless entrees alike. As suppliers of bulk packaged foods that are commonly used in the foodservice industry, we know what kind of bulk potatoes you need and want for your kitchen cooks, and we deliver them to you here in the varieties that are most popular with chefs and customers. This collection includes dry potato mixes and canned potatoes that can be ordered today and used well into the future.

Instant Mashed Potatoes for Your Restaurant

Is it true that restaurants with mashed potatoes on the menu are more popular than those that don’t offer this classic side dish? We can’t say for sure, but what we do know is that you no longer have to wonder “Where can I buy bulk mashed potatoes?” This collection includes the best varieties of instant mashed potatoes used in countless restaurant kitchens across the country. In addition to Idaho instant potatoes, we offer instant brands that make delicious regular, red skin and garlic mashed potatoes.

Bulk Canned Potatoes

Meals that include potatoes as the main focus, or as a side dish, can be created faster when you stock up on supplies of bulk canned potatoes. This truly is a chef’s secret shortcut that can save loads of time in the kitchen. Find quality brands of canned white potatoes and sweet potatoes for serving with meats and vegetables. They can also be useful as a backup potato resource for kitchens that mainly use fresh potatoes.

Diced and Sliced for Quick Use

In addition to carrying canned whole potatoes, you can also find bulk supplies of potatoes that are already cut in the style you desire. Choose diced potatoes for making hash browns and soups. Or, choose sliced potatoes for baking, broiling, cooking and frying.
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